Prime Your Life: Free Coaching Series

Free 10 Day Mini-Mindset Development Course Designed to Challenge Long Held Beliefs and Begin The Transformation Process

The Collective Lectures

Guy and Ilan Introduce Unique Wisdom Concepts Twice a Month to Keep You Inquiring and Growing Quickly

The Academy

A Library of Do It Yourself Home Courses Helping You Claim Your Personal Power in Areas of Life Which Matter Most

Mindset Immersive

16 Hours of Intimate Transformations and Revelations to Help You Open Up and Grow in Unexpected Ways

100 Day Masterclass

Life Altering Coaching to Set You Up To Completely Transform Any Area(s) of Life Quickly

Invictus Mastermind: Advanced Training

An Advanced Group Coaching Community with Live Coaching by Guy and Ilan Ferdman (Prerequisite 100 Day Masterclass)